Friday, 11 June 2010

GSoC: Zeitgeist weekly report #3


I'll be also a bit early this week, as I'll be traveling starting tomorrow, so here we go:

This week I finished moving the build system in zeitgeist-dataproviders[1] to autotools, and even though it's not perfect yet (can't install properly firefox and chrome extensions, mostly because I don't know where to put them in the filesystem for it to just work), it's good enough to build all dataproviders. Also if anyone wants to make a package of the dataproviders, please contact me, I think it's time to do it.

Further I had planned to write a totem extension, which would add some Zeitgeist goodness into it, but in the end this was postponed and instead I wrote a Rhythmbox plugin that adds a few smart playlists to Rhythmbox. This effort was slightly hindered by incomplete Rhythmbox bindings for Vala, but I decided to fix this and auto-generated the Vala bindings for pretty much the entire Rhythmbox, which really wasn't as easy as I expected, but it's now available on bugzilla[2].
Unfortunately I'm seeing some issues with the plugin - for example first time it's loaded it doesn't show anything, even though I am getting the data from Zeitgeist and calling RB's method to add them. I'll have to ask someone who knows the internals of RB why is that...

Also today Mikkel pushed some changes to libzeitgeist[3], so while looking at it, I discovered a little patch which was forgotten in my tree, and besides that I was trying to push some Vala goodness for the new API (foreach support), but I wasn't successful at convincing Mikkel that he needs to change the API a bit... yet :)

So that's about it, for the next week I don't plan much, as I'll be still traveling, but I hope to find some time to polish the new RB plugin, and if I find more time I'll take a stab at the Totem plugin.



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