Saturday, 19 June 2010

GSoC: Zeitgeist weekly report #4

Hey everyone, this week the report will be very short, cause as I mentioned in last week's report I was (and still am) travelling, and in the little spare time I had, the internet connection was very flaky, so unfortunatelly I wasn't able to do much.

I updated the existing plugins to work with libzg 0.2 (as there were some API breaks) and I started to write a totem plugin which will show media grabbed from Zeitgeist, but in the process I encountered a very strange bug in (by that time latest) libzeitgeist, where the timestamps were truncated to 32 bits even though everything was correctly declared as gint64. This of course caused that no results were fetched from Zeitgeist - as the timestamp limited the results till the end of 1970s, and of course I don't have any such events in my DB. Anyway I wrote Mikkel about this bug with a gdb trace and he was able to hunt it down and fix it (fixed in libzg 0.2.1).

For next week I plan to finish the totem plugin and as planned for this week, I'll stop by in #rhythmbox and try to polish and fix the strange bugs in our new Rhythmbox plugin.

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