Sunday, 27 June 2010

GSoC: Zeitgeist weekly report #5

Hey there!

Another report here with a look-back at what I did this week and what is planned for the next week, so here we go:
  • I started to write a Totem plugin which allows searching for recent media logged in Zeitgeist, so far it's very similar to the Youtube plugin (probably because I borrowed the UI from there), but it indeed does search Zeitgeist. There were a few pecularities with the plugin, so I'll rant here a bit about the documentation - if TotemVideoList requires a reference to TotemObject, it'd be nice to mention this in the documentation - it's far from obvious that one needs to call g_object_set (video_list, "totem", totem_obj, NULL) for it to not crash when one clicks on an item in the widget. Then there were some other crashes when I didn't set "tooltip-column" property, but ok, that one wasn't that hard to figure out.
    The plugin was pushed to zeitgeist-dataproviders[1], but as Seif said, it's not a dataprovider, so he removed it from there, and so far I do not know where we'll push these non-logging plugins. Anyway it's there but you have to revert to revision 78.
  • I helped Seif with Sezen, cause I got quite different data and it was loading very slowly for me - so I tried to use everywhere async gio calls, and after some tweaking it was working much better. Btw. Siegfried just pushed Sezen to Zeitgeist PPA [2], so feel free to check it out.
  • I was still quite unhappy with the responsiveness of Sezen, so I ported it to Vala [3], but to my surprise the thumbnail fetching in the Vala version is *much* slower than in the python version and I don't really know why. In both python and Vala, I'm trying to load all the thumbnails at once, and while in python this works fine, I was getting "too many open files" error in Vala, so I introduced an async method which limits how many thumbnails can be being fetched at one time (while the others are waiting) and that seems to work quite well, but I still have a feeling that the python version is faster.
For next week the plan is to implement also "related media" into the new Totem plugin, take a look on the vim logger, which I noticed is sitting on LP without being "official" part of zeitgeist-dataproviders. And talk to Seif what to do about Sezen / Sezen-vala.



  1. I haven't seen any bugs filed about this. I've added a note in the documentation about setting the #TotemVideoList:totem property, but I can't see (from a brief grep through the code) what would cause it to crash if #TotemVideoList:tooltip-column isn't set. Could you please file a bug about it, instead of complaining on your blog? Thanks.

  2. Filed as