Monday, 13 December 2010

More Synapse news

Two weeks passed since the first official Synapse release, and we've prepared another one! As common with first releases, there were quite a few issues which we worked on and fixed in 0.2.2. But besides fixed bugs we also added a bunch of stuff... So what's new?
  • implemented relevancy service, which makes sure that applications you use often end up among the first results of a search - this is done using Zeitgeist, so you can also track the popularity also in other Zeitgeist clients
  • support for basic transliteration when searching for applications - therefore you shouldn't need to type accents (if your language has them)
  • three new plugins: OpenSearch (used to start a web search from Synapse, currently comes with Google and Google Maps plugins), Locate (runs locate to find files on your filesystem), Gnome screensaver (adds lock screen action)
  • pressing Shift+Enter on an item now executes the action without closing Synapse (unless you run an application which takes focus)
  • ability to override gtk theme using custom gtkrc file (see screenshot)
  • added notification-area icon (which can be disabled)

If you're using a light Gtk theme and would like Synapse dark, just copy to your "~/.config/synapse".

We also set up a wiki @, feel free to head over there to learn about advanced/hidden configuration options and hopefully soon there'll be even some content on plugin creation.

You can find the release tarball of Adenosine triphosphate here: (you'll need valac 0.10 to compile it, and zeitgeist 0.6 is highly recommended to run it), Ubuntu users will find an update in ppa:synapse-core/ppa. (please note that the maverick package says that it's 0.2.1, but it's in fact 0.2.2, sorry about that).

What's next? By now we're pretty happy with the core functionality (except maybe the missing ability to configure plugins using some kind of UI), so further releases will see this fixed, and besides that there'll be mostly new and updated plugins.


    1. Are the Ubuntu people interested in Synapse? As far as I can tell it would perfectly complement Unity, and it certainly fits the techical standards (Vala, Zeitgeist). You should totally bother Mark Shuttleworth, if you haven't already. :)

    2. would be great to add in a transparency feature

    3. Alright guys, you got me to switch from Gnome Do. Keep up the good work. :)

    4. Thank you so much for this. I enjoy this much more than Do. Thanks again for all you're work!

    5. Awesome work guys, super fast, super usefull. Ditched Gnome Do long back for Synapse.

      Only one thing, where can find some help on using th various plugins. I can see directory and search plugins but not really sure how to use them.

    6. Great stuff! What I would love to see is a 'learning' feature, where the items the user selects more often are given priority, eventually reducing the need to use the arrow keys.

    7. How about integrating Synapse with Tracker and make a great search frontend out of it?

    8. Fantastic!! I also have ditch Gnome-do as well for Synapse keep up the good work

    9. congratulations, I think synapse is an absolute must on Ubuntu.
      Also, please look at one bug (if you press Ctrl+Space you summon synapse, then you enter words and everything is working just fine, but if you have Caps lock on you can't delete the entered word (meaning I enter "ambiamce" and if I press backspace to delete "mce" it does't work ---only IF YOU HAVE CAPS LOCK ON).

    10. Just great! And the codenames you choose for Synapse delight me!

    11. Thanks for such a great, fast tool. Synapse has almost completely replaced ordinary docks and menus in my workflow! There's one thing, though, that I miss from Kupfer--the ability to find and open Tomboy notes by title. I use Tomboy for storing a whole lot of information, and that Kupfer functionality is the one thing I really miss in Synapse.

    12. Simply Awesome..Just the kind of app i was looking for, really u guys rock...Keep it up..AND A BIG THANK YOU