Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Synapse: Anandamide

Just a quick shout about new release of Synapse - 0.2.4! There aren't too many user visible changes in this release, besides a few new plugins. Mostly polishing and more polishing.

Anyhow here's the changelog:
  • added Calculator plugin
  • multiple fixes to Zeitgeist searches
  • add plugin descriptions (links to wiki)
  • added simple Launchpad plugin
  • added Pastebin plugin
  • added Copy to clipboard action
  • added Imgur plugin (uploads images to imgur)
  • added Selection plugin (execute actions on currently selected text)
  • small UI fixes and speedups
  • multiple smaller bug fixes
If you like Synapse, you can help out by writing plugin descriptions on our wiki, just click the help button in Synapse's preferences window (in the plugin tab) and you'll be taken to a wiki page (most likely empty right now) where all other users will then be able to read this.

Tarballs are at the usual place. Ubuntu users using our bleeding edge PPA (ppa:synapse-core/testing) could have been enjoying most of these improvements for quite some time, but the new packages have now been built also on our stable PPA (ppa:synapse-core/ppa).


  1. Nice job!

    Quick question: how would I set Compiz to get a nice open animation for Synapse? I'm trying to match Synapse via title, "type=Splash" but neither work. Ideas?

  2. class=Synapse should work

  3. It works fine here, make sure you have the rule high enough in the priority chain.